Zoe ~ Princesse de Rien (zoecb) wrote,
Zoe ~ Princesse de Rien

Eurovision 2016 (Stockholm) - Come Together!

Had a great time in Stockholm. Saw some friends, admired all the gorgeous Swedish people, enjoyed the fuck out of the impeccably hosted Eurovision Song Contest 2016! I didn't think anyone could beat Petra Mede's hosting in 2013, but turns out when you add Mans Zelmerlow it was even better! Some of my favourites got knocked out in the semis (although I got to see Dalal and Deen (Bosnia & Herzegovina) and Greta Salome (Iceland) perform in their live semis and also in the Eurovision Village! And also my favourite, the lovely Sergey Lazarev (Russia). Justin Timberlake's interval performance was immediately forgettable but he seemed like a thoroughly nice chap. The best part of the interval act was of course, Mans & Petra:

Tags: eurovision, holiday, music, sweden
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