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Update in Spring Sunshine

Quick Zoe's Life Update, as I have been slightly rubbish at journalling:

- I was really self-indulgent and bought an iPad. It's really shiny and awesome. By all means please recommend apps to me so that I can get the most possible use out of it! I will have no money next month due to paying for it so I will need to use it to amuse myself ;-p

- I have done more wedding planning including visiting my venue and doing a trial for my hair. I have managed to make a style that can incorporate a plait AND my tiara AND flowers AND come down on one side of my face. Win! I'm basically at the fun bits where I organise flowers, balloons and fairy lights at this point - a good place to be!

- I had a lovely spontaneous day out in the February sunshine yesterday in Hyde Park. Doesn't matter how long you live in London - a sunny day always brings out some London squee. I also identified several types of bird life for my friends (coots and great-crested greebs) and spotted the beginnings of daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses - YAY SPRING!

- Last week I did a really long training day about residential lettings law and was highly interested the entire way through, which was unexpected and encouraging because it suggests that I'm not wasting my time in the property industry. I do really like property and find it interesting and am apparently successful about being geeky about tenancy agreements. To me this is no more shameful than being geeky about Linux or something like that so pipe down haters! LOL. Also, estate agency slang is really fun. Especially constantly using words like 'boom', 'spanked' and 'stroker' (meaning 'YES', 'in really good condition' and 'time-waster', in case you were wondering!) Obscure law geekery is just fun because if you know it well you get to be right when people ask you stuff. And I have missed being taught stuff I don't already now!

- Speaking of being taught stuff I didn't already know, I am on an 8-week Tarot Course which is really great and in depth and draws lots of links to Qabalah which is something I'd never bother to research myself, all really useful tools. 

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