Zoe ~ Princesse de Rien (zoecb) wrote,
Zoe ~ Princesse de Rien


How awesome is life right now?

This morning I got up in an extremely leisurely fashion, had ice cream for breakfast and squeed over a documentary about baby lions, went for a stroll around Wandle Park in the sunshine with my beloved, went to Wimbledon and ambled about, took a train back which is 85p and takes 4 minutes, and now I'm home there is a lovely warm thunderstorm going on outside making that lovely wet concrete smell and all my windows are wide open which a) lets in the warm summeryness and b) cleans them. Oh yeah, I am hardcore.

In other news:

1) I plan to go shopping in Wimbledon on Tuesday, anyone want to come?

2) I have some raffle tickets for a charity called Cats Protection, £1 each, anyone want to buy one? Prizes mainly cash and M&S vouchers.
Tags: happy
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