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The Blue Princess of Arthelius [entries|friends|calendar]
Zoe ~ Princesse de Rien

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Zoe's Live Journal [01 Jan 2020|12:00am]

Although this journal has public entries most of the juicy stuff is Friends Only!
Any real life friends will be added, as well as people I would like to know in real life but are too far away! 

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Eurovision 2016 (Stockholm) - Come Together! [21 May 2016|07:49pm]
Had a great time in Stockholm. Saw some friends, admired all the gorgeous Swedish people, enjoyed the fuck out of the impeccably hosted Eurovision Song Contest 2016! I didn't think anyone could beat Petra Mede's hosting in 2013, but turns out when you add Mans Zelmerlow it was even better! Some of my favourites got knocked out in the semis (although I got to see Dalal and Deen (Bosnia & Herzegovina) and Greta Salome (Iceland) perform in their live semis and also in the Eurovision Village! And also my favourite, the lovely Sergey Lazarev (Russia). Justin Timberlake's interval performance was immediately forgettable but he seemed like a thoroughly nice chap. The best part of the interval act was of course, Mans & Petra:

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Amelia [10 Nov 2013|02:33pm]
I haven't yet posted a picture of my kitty on here. Her name is Amelia, and in the end she isn't from Battersea. She was found wandering the streets somewhere out near Chiswick by m31andy, unlabelled and apparently lost. After unsuccessful advertising for an existing owner, my hubby and I volunteered to adopt her. Now she lives with us! She enjoys meowing, food, sitting on next door's bin looking in the window at their dog, and staring intently at our remaining gerbil (Piglet - we sadly lost Twiglet last month. It was very sad but he made it to almost four years old which is very good-going for a gerbil) when she's allowed in his room. She is very friendly and social and loves being stroked. She kept our nieces entertained for quite a while the other week when they stayed with us for the weekend. A very patient cat!

Her silly nicknames (so far) include Fleetybops, Little Miss Flufferson, Ginger tums and tortie meowler.

Couple more piccies...Collapse )
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I love this squirrel. [30 Dec 2012|11:09am]
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Euphoria - six months on from its win [20 Oct 2012|07:40pm]
I had never seen the video for this before, only the live performance but I came across it on Youtube - and now I love it all the more! This song (despite no doubt being inspired probably by raving) in combination with this video (as if the lyrics weren't enough) describes the very essence of what I love about Paganism:

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Spain [05 Jun 2012|11:24am]
So I got married and it was AWESOME! Photos to follow, as my official ones were taken by the lovely charrr and are coming soon. I have been extremely happy for many weeks. Marriage must therefore be awesome ;-) 
I still have amazing wedding cake left so that's my food sorted for some time (more happiness ensues).
I also then went to Spain for a few days to chill out and pet donkeys!
Did lots of sunbathing, reading and eating ice cream and not much else. Very relaxing. 
Must go back to work tomorrow! Argh! Gonna be SO MUCH ON MY DESK. Must stay calm and just bash my way through it!
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Extremely brief mention of Eurovision [21 May 2012|10:21pm]
As you may know, I will not be watching the Eurovision Final this year as tragically, it clashes with my very own nuptuals (despite my careful planning of avoiding the mid-May weekends that Eurovision usually occupies in order to prevent this, only for stupid Azerbaijan to put it on the very last weekend of May just like NEVER happens). I am very upset about this but as there is nothing I can do I have bravely abstained from what is usually the highlight of my year to make room for the highlight of my decade. However, although I have not done my usual thorough top to bottom reviews, complete with comments spreadsheet, I have checked out the favourites and have placed a handful of bets thusly:
I am pleased to see that Sweden is the favourite (I believe I concur) as they are to me the unofficial royalty of Eurovision and have gone f for the full on schlager effect with their entry, Euphoria. The title/lyrics I can very much get behind as they pretty much sum up how I feel about this mighty institution.
I will get into the semi-finals as far as I am able. The final I must sadly bow out of this year. Enjoy, those of you partaking.
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Update in Spring Sunshine [26 Feb 2012|04:52pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Quick Zoe's Life Update, as I have been slightly rubbish at journalling:

- I was really self-indulgent and bought an iPad. It's really shiny and awesome. By all means please recommend apps to me so that I can get the most possible use out of it! I will have no money next month due to paying for it so I will need to use it to amuse myself ;-p

- I have done more wedding planning including visiting my venue and doing a trial for my hair. I have managed to make a style that can incorporate a plait AND my tiara AND flowers AND come down on one side of my face. Win! I'm basically at the fun bits where I organise flowers, balloons and fairy lights at this point - a good place to be!

- I had a lovely spontaneous day out in the February sunshine yesterday in Hyde Park. Doesn't matter how long you live in London - a sunny day always brings out some London squee. I also identified several types of bird life for my friends (coots and great-crested greebs) and spotted the beginnings of daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses - YAY SPRING!

- Last week I did a really long training day about residential lettings law and was highly interested the entire way through, which was unexpected and encouraging because it suggests that I'm not wasting my time in the property industry. I do really like property and find it interesting and am apparently successful about being geeky about tenancy agreements. To me this is no more shameful than being geeky about Linux or something like that so pipe down haters! LOL. Also, estate agency slang is really fun. Especially constantly using words like 'boom', 'spanked' and 'stroker' (meaning 'YES', 'in really good condition' and 'time-waster', in case you were wondering!) Obscure law geekery is just fun because if you know it well you get to be right when people ask you stuff. And I have missed being taught stuff I don't already now!

- Speaking of being taught stuff I didn't already know, I am on an 8-week Tarot Course which is really great and in depth and draws lots of links to Qabalah which is something I'd never bother to research myself, all really useful tools. 

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Snow & Narcissism [05 Feb 2012|10:22pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

Snow, and an awesome photo taken by my friend Cathy! In front of St Paul's Cathedral, about 11pm last night...

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Best Escalator Ever [01 Jan 2012|06:49pm]
Hee hee:

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A musical interlude... [09 Nov 2011|09:36pm]
Struck very lucky last week when eurydice13 made me the proud owner of a spare ticket to see Evanescence, who were on good form as usual (very glad I chain-listened to their new album as obviously that was most of the set and it's lovely to know the words). I also realised how to heasbang without making my brain bash against the inside of my skull: give myself more space! It's more of an 'upper-body-bang'. I do like trashing my hair around. Makes me feel hardcore and all wild and free. Also, this rather nice photo of me got taken gazing at Amy Lee playing something lovely on the piano:

I also saw The Pretty Reckless for the first time, despite being a big Gossip Girl fan I had never seen Taylor Momsen in rock chick mode and now that I have I have the most epic girl crush since Lena Meyer-Landrut. Here is a lovely acoustic video of her:

Anyway I am very lucky as I get to do it all again this Friday as I am seeing Within Temptation!

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[09 Aug 2011|03:32pm]
 Amazing! Love Clapham and its residents:

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Journalism [05 Aug 2011|12:56pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

 I never tire of this:


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Awwwww [08 Jul 2011|01:21pm]
(Disclaimer: I don't buy The Sun, people at work do and it is lying around at lunchtime and I read it.)

Having said that, I find this story incredibly heart-warming:

If I was rolling in spare money, I would totally pay for their wedding. I hope they win their radio contest :-) *applauds*
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[29 Jun 2011|07:14pm]
Holiday in Cyprus was much needed. Had lots of nattering with my lovely faraway friend and hostess (she moved out there a few months ago and is staying for the forseeable future), as well as cocktails, Aphrodite statues, squeeing at kittens (Ctprus is overrun with wild cats who are very cute and some very friendly) walking on beaches and lying by pools. The last bit was particularly blissful. My back felt all un-tensed. I was so relaxed I couldn't even be bothered to take any photos. To be fair I went to the same place in 2009 and took many many photos then, where I was much more attractive, so those do me just fine!

Am quite tired now I'm home. Getting in at 3am Monday morning in the same temperature I'd just left and then going to work a few hours later might be why... very surreal.

Looking forward to weekend. Going to St Albans Friday night for pub and catch up with friends from school, then a birthday party bbq on Saturday. Mark is airsofting all day Sunday. Anyone who wants to hang out Sunday please let me know, as when left to my own devices I seem to default to cleaning my flat which really is not what Sundays should be for.
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'Big Five' Personality Test! [14 Jun 2011|01:11pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

via [info]araispoetry:

Isn't this pleasant:

I'm a O53-C79-E79-A74-N37 Big Five!!


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PICTURE OF THE FUCKING DAY [26 May 2011|09:13pm]
Via justtracy ...

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Should someone tell the New Scientist that this religion already exists? [07 May 2011|02:48pm]
Cross-posted to Facebook Note: it seems ridiculous that academics talking about religion in the New Scientist invent a hypothetical one that's identical to one that already exists...

What form would the ideal religion take? Some might argue that instead of redesigning religion, we should get rid of it. But it is good for some things: religious people are happier and healthier, and religion offers community. Besides, secularism has passed its zenith, according to Jon Lanman, who studies atheism at the University of Oxford. In a globalised world, he says, migrations and economic instability breed fear, and when people’s values feel under threat, religion thrives.

Today’s religions come in four flavours, according to Harvey Whitehouse, also at Oxford. First, the “sacred party”, such as incense burning, bell ringing and celestial choral music in Catholicism. Second, “therapy”: for example, the practices of healing and casting out devils among some evangelical Christians. Third, “mystical quest”, such as the Buddhist quest for nirvana. And finally, “school”: detailed study of the Koran in Islam or reading the Torah in Judaism.

While each appeals to a different sort of person, they all tap into basic human needs and desires, so a new world religion would have a harmonious blend of them all: the euphoria and sensual trappings of a sacred party, the sympathy and soothing balms of therapy, the mysteries and revelations of an eternal journey and the nurturing, didactic atmosphere of a school.

Numerous festivals, holidays and rituals would keep followers hooked. “Rites of terror” such as body mutilation are out – although they bind people together very intensely, they are not usually compatible with world religions (New Scientist, 19 December 2009, p 62). Still, highly rousing, traumatic rituals might still feature as initiation ceremonies, because people tend to be more committed to a religion and tolerant of its failings after paying a high price for entry.

The everyday rituals will focus on rhythmic dancing and chanting to stimulate the release of endorphins, which Robin Dunbar, also at Oxford, says are key to social cohesion. To keep people coming back, he also prescribes “some myths that break the laws of physics, but not too much”, and no extreme mysticism, as it tends to lead to schisms.

With many gods and great tolerance of idiosyncratic local practices, the new religion will be highly adaptable to the needs of different congregations without losing its unifying identity. The religion will also emphasise worldly affairs – it would promote the use of contraceptives and small families and be big on environmental issues, philanthropy, pacifism and cooperation.

Now, what shall we call it? Utopianity?

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Lolz [06 May 2011|04:18pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

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:-) [23 Apr 2011|05:25pm]
How awesome is life right now?

This morning I got up in an extremely leisurely fashion, had ice cream for breakfast and squeed over a documentary about baby lions, went for a stroll around Wandle Park in the sunshine with my beloved, went to Wimbledon and ambled about, took a train back which is 85p and takes 4 minutes, and now I'm home there is a lovely warm thunderstorm going on outside making that lovely wet concrete smell and all my windows are wide open which a) lets in the warm summeryness and b) cleans them. Oh yeah, I am hardcore.

In other news:

1) I plan to go shopping in Wimbledon on Tuesday, anyone want to come?

2) I have some raffle tickets for a charity called Cats Protection, £1 each, anyone want to buy one? Prizes mainly cash and M&S vouchers.
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