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The Blue Princess of Arthelius

To have and not to hold

Zoe ~ Princesse de Rien
6 September 1987
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Well my name is Zoe and I am these things: A Pagan, A Singer, and Fangirl and an English Graduate.

Oh, and this describes, like, everything about me:

Here is some of the music I listen to:
affection, aleister crowley, alfred lord tennyson, alias, american horror story, andrew lloyd webber, angel the series, anime, anne rice, arvo part, asatru, bill bailey, books, buffy the vampire slayer, bulgarian music, byron, cake, calorie-counting, camden, cheese, cheesecake, choir, cocktails, compound adjectives, coupling, cruel intentions, cuddling, danny elfman, david anders, dresses, dylan moran, eddie izzard, elegiac substitution, enter shikari, erotica, eurovision, evanescence, fangirling, festivals, film noir, finnish rock, firefly, flying kites, franz ferdinand, frozen yoghurt, garth marenghi's darkplace, gender theory, glee, glitter, goran visnjic, green wing, guys with irish accents, hans zimmer, harry potter, heavenly creatures, honey, hugs, iceland, indochine, inkubus sukkubus, irony, jack davenport, joaquin pheonix, john keats, johnny depp, jonathan creek, joss whedon, kate bush, kidneythieves, london, lost, m night shyamalan, magic, majandra delfino, melissa auf der maur, metal, monty python, moshing, movies, muse, nathan fillion, nickelback, nightwish, nip/tuck, noel coward, nutella, oscar wilde, paganism, pan, phantom of the opera, picnics, pirates of the caribbean, placebo, poetry, postmodernism, pottering, pretentious words, queer theory, quills, rasputina, rituals, ross noble, rouge noir nail varnish, rupert graves, ryan murphy, sailing, sandwiches, schlager music, schlager parties, sex, singing, slash, smack the pony, sonata arctica, spooning, star wars, stephen fry, stonehenge, stuart townsend, sunset beach, supermarkets, sweden, the eurovision song contest, the it crowd, the l word, tiaras, tim burton, toast, torchwood, tori amos, tv, vampires, vast, veronica mars, wicca, wit, within temptation, withnail and i, xfm