Zoe ~ Princesse de Rien (zoecb) wrote,
Zoe ~ Princesse de Rien


I haven't yet posted a picture of my kitty on here. Her name is Amelia, and in the end she isn't from Battersea. She was found wandering the streets somewhere out near Chiswick by m31andy, unlabelled and apparently lost. After unsuccessful advertising for an existing owner, my hubby and I volunteered to adopt her. Now she lives with us! She enjoys meowing, food, sitting on next door's bin looking in the window at their dog, and staring intently at our remaining gerbil (Piglet - we sadly lost Twiglet last month. It was very sad but he made it to almost four years old which is very good-going for a gerbil) when she's allowed in his room. She is very friendly and social and loves being stroked. She kept our nieces entertained for quite a while the other week when they stayed with us for the weekend. A very patient cat!

Her silly nicknames (so far) include Fleetybops, Little Miss Flufferson, Ginger tums and tortie meowler.

Tags: amelia, cats, gerbils, pets
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