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Extremely brief mention of Eurovision

As you may know, I will not be watching the Eurovision Final this year as tragically, it clashes with my very own nuptuals (despite my careful planning of avoiding the mid-May weekends that Eurovision usually occupies in order to prevent this, only for stupid Azerbaijan to put it on the very last weekend of May just like NEVER happens). I am very upset about this but as there is nothing I can do I have bravely abstained from what is usually the highlight of my year to make room for the highlight of my decade. However, although I have not done my usual thorough top to bottom reviews, complete with comments spreadsheet, I have checked out the favourites and have placed a handful of bets thusly:
I am pleased to see that Sweden is the favourite (I believe I concur) as they are to me the unofficial royalty of Eurovision and have gone f for the full on schlager effect with their entry, Euphoria. The title/lyrics I can very much get behind as they pretty much sum up how I feel about this mighty institution.
I will get into the semi-finals as far as I am able. The final I must sadly bow out of this year. Enjoy, those of you partaking.
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